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All to know about Digital China.

Welcome to Digital China

Do you know what is going on in China right now?

The future is no longer built in Silicon Valley, but in China – with highspeed rail networks, ubiquitous mobile payment, leading AI startups and eCommerce companies that deliver an order not on the same day, but within the same hour!

But many people in the West haven’t noticed it yet and ChinaBriefs wants to change that: with a newsletter on Digital China, our weblog and keynotes / workshops on the topic.

Sounds interesting?



ChinaBriefs Features



The ChinaBriefs Newsletter - send out 2-3 times per month - gives you a regular update on everything happening in Digital China today.


On the ChinaBriefs Website you find a weblog with major stories from the newsletter plus additional content and a comment function to start a dialog.


Need a more personal update, e.g. a keynote speaker on Digital China or a consultant for a China innovation workshop. Then do let us know!