Who is behind Chinabriefs?


Björn Ognibeni, Practical Visionary…

…lives in Hamburg, Germany and spent 20+ years as a freelance trusted advisor helping blue-chip companies, brands and agencies understand global digital trends and their implications.
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DR. MIRKO WORMUTH, Attorney & Entrepreneur…

…lives in Beijing, China and went from corporate lawyer to omni-channel retail entrepreneur. He’s been in China for over 20 years and will share his on the ground, real-life digital experiences.

Mirko knows best about China, Björn about digital strategy. Together we will try to make sense of it all: what is happening in DigitalChina right now and what does this mean for entrepreneurs & executives in the West.

* P.S.: Of course, we do know that China is not just a high-tech future wonderland, but also an authoritarian regime with a rigid one party government and we will cover this side, too. But in a differentiated way, because we think that focusing on this aspect alone won't help much with our core mission of understanding and learning.